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Yoder Garden Mum Tracy Orange

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Featuring lush green foliage and striking orange petals, this mum will transform your outdoor space like none other. It is easy to grow and performs exceptionally well during spring and summer.

Yoder Garden Mum Tracy Orange is Only Available Between May and Aug

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Breeder Tip
Autumn Sunset is a new Yoder Select variety for large containers and landscapes. It does well in high temperatures and is a beautiful choice for blackcloth production.

Yoder Garden Mums have established a remarkable reputation for their unwavering quality and exceptional performance within the mum industry. With a wide range of specialized varieties and family designations, selecting plants for optimal production and harmonious combinations becomes a seamless process. Garden Mums display a charming mounding growth habit, and abundant blooming, and thrive splendidly in containers ranging from cell packs to 14″ pots. Please be advised that propagation is strictly prohibited.

For optimal results, we recommend that the diameter of your fully grown plant be 1.5 to 2 times the size of the pot it inhabits. On average, a Garden Mum starting from a rooted cutting will experience a growth rate of 1.5 inches per week. Armed with this knowledge, let’s consider a scenario where you desire a 12-inch spread for your 6-inch Garden Mum. In this case, it is advisable to plant rooted cuttings approximately 8 weeks before your desired completion date. Choosing your arrival date becomes crucial, and it should be based on the bloom time specific to your chosen variety and the desired size of the final potted plant.

Yoder Garden Mum Tracy Orange Quick Reference Guide
Bloom PeriodLate August
ColorOrange, Bronze
HabitMedium Mounding
LightFull Sun
Minimum Temp50
Water NeedsModerate
Patented Plantyes



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