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Belgian Mum Aluga Yellow

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Adorn your yard with this ball-shaped, radiant plant. Featuring yellow petals arranged in a captivating display, this masterpiece will provide stunning displays throughout the entire fall.

Belgian Mum Aluga Yellow is Only Available Between May and Aug

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Belgian Mums, with their illustrious lineage of over three decades of meticulous breeding and rigorous testing, stand as the pinnacle of excellence among garden mums in the market. These extraordinary cultivars flourish magnificently in containers of varying sizes, encompassing everything from market packs to half bushels. Boasting an exquisite mounding growth habit, profuse blooming, exceptional branching abilities, and a remarkable inclination to bloom repeatedly, Belgian Mums truly embody horticultural brilliance.

To ensure optimal outcomes, we highly recommend that the diameter of your fully matured plant reaches 1.5 to 2 times the size of the pot it resides in. Typically, commencing from a rooted cutting, a Belgian Mum experiences an average weekly growth rate of 1.5 inches. Armed with this valuable insight, let’s consider a scenario where you desire a 12-inch spread for your 6-inch Belgian Mum. In such a case, it is advisable to plant rooted cuttings approximately 8 weeks ahead of your desired completion date. Determining your arrival date becomes crucial, taking into account the bloom time specific to your chosen variety and the desired size of the final potted plant.


Belgian Mum Aluga Yellow Quick Reference Guide
10 Inch crop time13-14 Weeks
Bloom PeriodEarly October
LightFull Sun
Minimum Temp50
Water NeedsModerate
Patented Plantyes


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